Monday, January 25, 2021

You Are What You Eat

Do you turn a Netflix show on and toggle through a rotation of social media apps while simultaneously texting?  As the queen of consuming five forms or media at once, I’m not here to criticize.  We live in the age of constant entertainment.

During one of my marathons of media consumption, I read about the importance of mindfulness and focusing on one thing at a time.  That sounds great on paper (or, more accurately, on my phone screen).  The truth is though, I wasn’t born in Colonial America, and I don’t like to pretend I was.  There’s a reason electricity and the internet and television were created, and a little escapism here and here doesn’t make you bad.

You are what you eat, and I’m not just talking about food.  We consume content from the shows we choose to watch, podcasts we choose to listen to, social media accounts we choose to follow, music we choose to play, and people we choose to speak with.  If we’re going to overload ourselves with content, we may as well make it good stuff!  A simple switch to an upbeat comedy show or motivational podcast can shift the mood of your whole day!  You are what you eat, so what are you consuming?