Friday, September 27, 2019

Who, what, when, where, & why?

We get it.  Insurance is information based, but who wants to answer all of those questions?

“How long have you had insurance?  Do you have an alarm system installed at your house?  When was your roof updated last?  Have you ever been in a car accident?  Do you have a dog?  What’s your highest level of education?”

Remember, G5 is in the business of making insurance easy, and we hold firm to that ideal.  We do our research and keep the questions to a minimum.  However, easy is second to correct, and we need to understand the whole picture to make sure you’re covered at the best possible price.

So, why do we ask all of these oddly personal questions?  Believe it or not, we aren’t just nosy.

These are all pricing points.  Alarm system in your house?  Discount.  No car accidents?  Discount.  Roof updated?  Discount.  Been with your current insurance carrier for a bunch of years?  Discount!

This information can help us get you the best bang for your buck.  Just this week, we got an email from an insured.  He had installed a central station fire and burglar alarm in his home.  We let the insurance company know, and he was able to save a couple bucks!  In the process of making these changes, we informed the insured that bundling his home and auto policies would provide an additional discount.  One agency, one insurance company, and one monthly bill for both policies – easier and less expensive!

That’s what we’re all about.