Monday, August 28, 2023

What’s more important?

I’m motivated strongly by morals, so “agreeing to disagree” isn’t an ability I’ve always had. If the right answer seems obvious to me, it’s hard for me not to advocate for it. Biting my tongue makes me feel like I’m enabling, like my silence is equal to agreement.

I’ll never stop being firm in my opinions when I feel there’s wrong being done; however, I’m learning that I don’t need to be the voice of reason to all people at all times. Sometimes it’s worth weighing what’s more important: being right, or the peace of agreeing to disagree.

I can have my opinions, and allowing others to have theirs doesn’t make me complacent. I can silently disagree, which may sound like a cold take, but believe it or not it took a political conversation on family vacation for me to grasp this concept. Happy Sunday, and have yourself a peaceful week!