Monday, September 12, 2022

What would you do if no one cared?

Why do I care what other’s think of me?  In taking inventory of my habits, I realized that my decisions are largely based on the perception of others.  Before I do anything, I consider how my actions will affect others.  To develop empathy, it’s important to grasp this concept as a child.  To become a confident individual, it’s important to let this go as an adult.

Understanding what others think I should do is easier than understanding what I want to do.  I know what’s expected of me, so doing what others deem the “right” thing is the easiest way for me to feel approved of.  Tiptoeing through life like this keeps you from ever having to learn what makes you unique.  What you want matters.

What would you do if no one cared?  Would you read if it didn’t make you appear studious?  Would you volunteer if you couldn’t wear the t-shirt after?  Would you go to college if you didn’t feel pressured?  Would you wear a sweatshirt and jeans in public or stick to slacks and a button down?  Would you ever wear makeup?  Is there a career you’d pursue if no one could tell you “that’s a shame, you would’ve made a great ____?”  Would you go to the gym and lift, or is there another class you’d try without fear of judgement?

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to educate yourself, taking price in your appearance, hitting the gym, or anything else as long as it’s truly for you. If no one could perceive you, have an opinion, or give their two cents,

what would you do?