Monday, October 28, 2019

What Makes G5 G5

What differentiates G5 from any other insurance agency?  The “vibe,” the “feel,” the “thing” doesn’t accurately articulate what we have to offer.  This week, however, really spelled it out.
Between phones ringing off the hook, multiple meetings, and new clients walking through the door, everyone in the office was working in high gear.  The new quotes we tackled were unique risks that, unlike a cut-and-dry quote, required special time and creativity to cover correctly.  It just so happened that, due to banks and closing dates, our timelines were extremely short for all of these new clients.  It was crunch time right out of the gate.
One can approach these situations in two ways.  It is easy, and natural, to be overwhelmed or frustrated.  At G5, we have the opposite outlook.  We look forward to putting our heads together, attacking the challenge as a team, and thinking outside the box to find a solution.  So, that’s exactly what we did.
A positive attitude, not accepting “no” as a final answer, and using persistence to problem solve allows us to advocate for our clients from the time their policies are written through their renewals years later.  That’s what makes G5 G5.