Monday, November 21, 2022

The Good Gets Better

This week I had a few people tell me they enjoy my silly little emails, and that means a lot to me.  Thanks for reading every Sunday!

Bad things have a way of snowballing.  One bad thing happens, you tell yourself that “when it rains it pours,” and suddenly it feels like life is happening to you instead feeling like you’re making life happen.

I experienced a minor inconvenience in the beginning of the week.  Choosing drama was tempting, but I didn’t really have the energy to be a diva, and I think it really worked out in my favor.  Let me explain what I mean.

My horse wears a blanket in the winter so he can stay warm, and let me tell you, horse blankets aren’t cheap (especially for something that is going to be worn outside in the dirt.)  I bought my horse a brand new blanket this year, and after one day of wearing it he had it shredded.  I was initially upset that the blanket turned out to be nothing but a $200 chew toy, and I’d like to say that I chose the high road of deep breaths and letting it roll off my back.  But like I said, I just didn’t really have the time or energy for the drama.  So instead I calmly gave the blanket company a call to see if there was anything they could do for me, and they mailed me a new one immediately.  No additional cost, no questions asked, just good customer service.  I was genuinely so grateful.  (If anyone is in the need for a new horse blanket, shoutout to Schneider’s).

This started a trend for me.  I’ve heard of the phrase “focus on the good and the good gets better,” and I now really believe it’s true.  The next day, I received an extremely generous Thanksgiving gift out of the blue.  A few days later, I stopped by Dunkin to grab a surprise treat for someone I knew was having a bad day.  When I got to the register, it wasn’t working.  “It’s on the house,” the employee told me.  Weird how that works!

“The good gets better,” “the sun doesn’t shine in the shade,” whatever you want to call it – focus on the good this week.