Monday, October 30, 2023

“Thank You” Cannot Be Overused

We had a team meeting today to plan for the remainder of the year. We started by asking each team member a series of questions. What are we doing right, what can we improve upon, do we need more support anywhere, things like that.

There was one overarching theme in all of our responses. We’re all extremely lucky to have each other on our team. As we know, the insurance market is arguably crazier than it’s ever been before. Though we love our jobs, it’s been difficult. No matter how hard it gets, knowing that we have a trustworthy and dedicated team behind us makes every day possible. Today, we spent time genuinely thanking each other for the patience and support we’ve provided throughout this difficult year. It wasn’t corny, and there was no ulterior motive.  We all meant it, and though it did not change the market conditions, it tremendously improved our morale.

Communication is something we’ve always valued at G5, and I’m proud to say that we’re great at it. We thank each other daily, whether that’s at the bottom of an email, on the phone, or in person. While we were thanking each other today, though, I realized that it never gets old. You cannot overuse “thank you.” You cannot overuse “I respect you.”  You cannot overuse “I support you.”

We may think that people know how important they are to us, but it never hurts to say it just one more time. Telling someone how much positivity they bring to your life gives them the feeling of value and importance that they deserve. We could not be where we are without every single member of this team. Today, it was made extremely clear that we are all not only lucky to have each other, but are consciously grateful for each other every day.