Monday, June 26, 2023

Summer Staycation

The Summer Solstice was on Wednesday, so I can officially wish everyone a happy summer.  I try my best to soak up every second of the season, but something about summer just doesn’t feel as relaxing as it did when I was in school.  Having a long summer break is unmatched!  As an adult, taking time off can feel stressful.  Am I just making more work for myself when I come back?  Am I using the time off to get enough done?

July 4th in New York is supposed to be a rainy mess.  One one hand, huge bummer.  On the other hand?  Kind of a nice forced staycation.  I was devastated (I wasn’t upset at all) when I saw the long forecast and realized I’d likely have to cancel my plans.  I’d unfortunately have to stay home and take it easy (I’m jumping for joy just thinking about it).

There’s a reason school-kid summers were the best.  As much as I like having plans, packing too much into your time off can make it fly.  A no-plans summer staycation is healing, and we all deserve one!