Monday, August 24, 2020

Success is Boring

Yeah, you read that right.  Success is boring.  

Close your eyes for a second, and picture an Olympian.  Okay, open them.  What did you see?

You probably pictured a smiling athlete holding their gold medal with pride, a roaring crowd in the background, and tears of joy in their eyes.  There may have even been some music and confetti to emphasize the elation of the scene.  Of course that’s what you pictured.  That’s their big moment, and it’s so exciting!  It’s easy to forget the predictable consistency that brought them to their moment.

There is nothing glamorous about waking up at five in the morning to train, eating vegetables, going to sleep early, and spending weekends in a gym.  The boring stuff gets ignored because, let’s face it, no one would stream that on NBC.  The big moment brings in views, but it wouldn’t air without the years of hard work being performed off screen.

Your life probably doesn’t feel glamorous every day either.  The good news is that you’re behind the scenes of your big moment, and commitment to the boring leads to very exciting things!