Monday, April 10, 2023

Spring Break

I have a lot of teachers in my life, and this past week was spring break for many New York schools.  While watching them enjoy their well-deserved weeks off, I noticed a trend.  Everyone was trying to pack as much fun into the week as they possibly could.

I’m guilty of feeling like my day is over as soon as the business day ends.  In reality, I have hours before I call it a night.  What if we harnessed the spring break mentality and used it throughout the warm months?  Shouldn’t we be packing as much fun as possible into every day?

We don’t need a designated week to enjoy the springtime.  We can eat lunch on the porch, take a walk outside after work, go to a movie in the evening and walk to the ice cream shop after.  We’ve waited to long for these later sunsets – let’s take advantage of them!