Monday, October 3, 2022

Social media is what you make it.

I’ve dialed back my social media usage tremendously over the last year.  We’re compared to one another enough already, so contributing to the fakeness of social media by posting a carefully perfected false image of myself made me feel like part of the problem.  Following accounts that made my comparison reflex flare up felt similarly counterproductive.

After going through my own socials, I took inventory of the accounts I followed.  If I didn’t know them personally, learn something from them, or feel good after viewing their posts, they had to go.  My sourness toward social media changed immediately.  We have to remember that social media is a resource.  We’re fortunate to have access to every bit of information imaginable in these tiny rectangles we carry around every day.

By following a new Instagram account, scrolling through TikTok, watching a YouTube video, or subscribing to a podcast, you can learn about anything.  There are accounts run by doctors, therapists, scientists, chefs, animal experts, architects, fashion stylists, makeup gurus, motivational speakers, older sisters and parents, relationship experts, people with information they’re willing to share with you for free.  Social media isn’t going anywhere, so use it.

If you’re not sure where to start, try The Mindset Mentor podcast.  Our team talked about one of their most recent episodes this week, and they have some really great perspectives to share.  Here’s an excerpt from the episode that we enjoyed:

“9 Things to Stop Doing Immediately:

  1. Stop making excuses
  2. Stop playing the victim
  3. Stop complaining instead of looking for solutions
  4. Stop being afraid of failure
  5. Stop putting things off.. Make a decision and go for it.. Ready, fire, aim.
  6. Stop being so hard on yourself… Let things go.
  7. Stop trying to control everything.. you can’t control your bowels after taco Tuesday, how are you going to control everything else in your universe.
  8. Stop giving up on yourself
  9. Stop settling for average/mediocre.”