Friday, September 27, 2019


GEICO can save you 15% in fifteen minutes and The General can get you an auto quote “Fast! And! Easy!”  So, if these big companies can provide cheap insurance in just a few minutes, why use an insurance agent?
Though we are technically insurance agents or brokers, we act as insurance advisers.  Like your lifestyle, your insurance policies are completely unique to you.  No online algorithm can accurately understand your assets and provide comprehensive coverage accordingly.  That’s where we come in.
At G5, we pride ourselves on being your business partner.  We take the time to understand your situation and individual needs, which allows us to tailor an insurance program specifically to you.  Our relationship doesn’t end once the policy is issued, either.  Life is constantly changing and evolving, and whether that brings the purchase of a new vehicle or a complete business overhaul, we’re here to shape your policy as needed.
With an agent, you have an advocate.