Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Old Dogs, New Tricks

Kids are encouraged to do it all.  They’ll go from school to dance class to soccer to Girl Scouts and then be back home before dinner, homework, and a book before bed.  Summers are packed with camps of every variety.  By exposing youngsters to so many activities, we allow them to decide what they want to pursue as a a genuine hobby as they grow up.

Tastes change as we age, and I’m not just talking about branching out from chicken tenders and learning to love veggies.  Our interests grow with us, changing over time into a desire for new exploration; however, our willingness to put ourselves out there shrinks when our parents stop signing us up for camp.

When’s the last time you tried something new?  Sign up for a new class at the gym, join a book club, get excited about a new hobby and spend way too much time on YouTube obsessing over it.  Get curious again, and get brave enough to be new at something.