Monday, April 4, 2022

Location, Location, Location

We added a new four legged member to our family this week.  She’s an Australian Shepherd puppy, and the breed is notoriously high energy.  While walking her this week, I thought about how well behaved she’s been so far.  I concluded that it must have a lot to do with the environment she’s in.  She probably wouldn’t do well in a city apartment, and that doesn’t make her bad.  Other animals to play with and space to run make our home a great fit for her needs.

Where we live largely dictates the lifestyle we have.  I’ve lived in four different places so far, and each location had something different to offer.  I started out in the suburbs where convenience was wonderful but personal space was limited.  I now live in the country where where beauty is all around me, but I spend more time in the car.  Just like different dog breeds, we all have different needs.  Those needs, however, aren’t always considered when choosing a place to live.

Why do you live where you live?  Maybe your family is from there.  Maybe you just always have.  Maybe you have to because of your job.  These reasons are the most common, but have you considered your needs the way you would when choosing a dog breed?

What’s important to you?  How much space do you need?  How much socialization?  Convenience?  What climate do you thrive in?  How much activity do you need?  Where is the best fit?