Monday, January 4, 2021

It Doesn’t End in December

There’s an undeniable feeling of community in the air throughout the holiday season. As we reflect on who and what we’re thankful for, we do what we can to pay it forward. When December 26th rolls around, our mindsets shift to our personal goals for the new year. Our brains transition from reflection mode to go mode, and we’re off to the self improvement races once again. Though we’re all eager to put 2020 behind us, many are left with the lasting impression of the year’s hardships. Now more than ever, we should extend the season of giving past the holidays. Should we be fortunate enough to have the means, let’s support one another.

At G5, we’re thankful for the opportunity to donate to some really cool charities this year. Foster Supply Co’s non-profit organization A Single Bite works to feed local families who are at risk of hunger while schools are closed here in Sullivan County. Since March, they’ve prepared and delivered over 10,000 meals to our community members. On a national scale, World Central Kitchen’s efforts benefit restaurants as well as families. By partnering with restaurants, WCK provides jobs to the otherwise unemployed staff while their doors are closed due to COVID. The restaurant staff prepares meals for children, families, and seniors who no longer have access to school feeding programs and food banks. They’ve served 33 million meals in 400 cities and paid $133 million to the 2,400+ participating restaurants.

There’s good to be found in the aftermath of 2020. Supporting those who have stepped up to help others in 2020 would be a rewarding resolution! Let’s keep that feeling of community in the air all year.