Monday, June 27, 2022

It All Adds Up

When you’re a big picture thinker, having a glorious end goal is easy.  You know where you are, and you know where you want to be.  It’s the stuff in the middle that can feel like an uphill battle, an endless grind, or fruitless labor.

But remember: it all adds up.

I spoke to a high school teacher this week.  Instead of using their free period to grade or prepare lessons, they used their time to substitute teach.  Using their one period of quiet to be surrounded by rowdy kids isn’t the most inviting offer, but they did it every day.  They just received their final paycheck, and it’s a few thousand dollars greater than it would have been without the subbing.  A few thousand.  A little bit every day resulted in a huge reward.

That thirty minute walk will bring you a mile closer to your fitness goal.

Cooking dinner at home will keep some spending change in your pocket.

Swapping social media for reading time will improve your sleep and challenge your mind.

Little things, big difference.  It all adds up!