Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Is your definition of success flexible?

Being flexible is not the same thing as moving the goalposts.  We set high expectations for ourselves because we’re dedicated to improving and delivering; however, not every misstep is a complete failure.

This week, we had someone approach us about a policy. Unfortunately, we weren’t the best fit for this person’s needs. This very rarely happens, and it was hard for me to accept. In my position here at G5, I define success as providing a client with the insurance policy that best meets their needs for the most efficient price possible. When I realized that I may not be able to do that in-house for this client, I felt like I failed.

I was able to provide her with the coverage she needed, but the price was just a little higher than I was comfortable with recommending. The only way to get her price point where it should be was to compromise coverage, and we just don’t do that here. I was caught off guard because I don’t run into this situation often, but I knew I needed to adjust to do right by the client.

So, we made a call to another agency in the client’s home state and asked if he would be able to help. After brainstorming with the team, we thought he may have access to a different variety of markets than we do, so it would be worth asking him. The other agent did some research, and he was able to provide great coverage for a price that would be much more fair to the client. We introduced the client to this agent, and she was able to secure the policy she needed at a great price. I felt like an awful salesperson, but by changing my definition of success I was able to leave work that day feeling alright.

I may not have made the sale here at G5, but I wouldn’t necessarily call this a failure. Though I would’ve loved to work with this client, I still assisted with providing her the best policy to meet her needs and budget. Not a failure, just a different type of success. Remember to be flexible