Monday, January 30, 2023

Is your competition your opposition?

When faced with a direct competitor, we tend to search for the qualities they lack and compare them to the ones we have. Though it’s human nature, that practice is petty and fruitless. As we create this false illusion of confidence by focusing on their weaknesses, we simultaneously put ourselves at opposition with our competition.  Do our competitors always have to be our rivals?


Maybe you’re competitors because you work in the same field. If so, you likely got into that business for similar reasons, went through similar schooling, work with a similar population, endure similar struggles, and have similar goals.  That sure sounds like you have a lot in common. People who have a lot in common tend to benefit from sticking together.


If you look past the negatives you’ve chosen to focus on, you might actually learn something from your competition. You absolutely have qualities that they lack; however, they have qualities that you lack as well. Instead of watching your competitor in the hopes of noticing a flaw that will temporarily boost your confidence, watch with the goal of learning from each other. Competitors can be our friends.


Through LinkedIn, social media, and mutual friends, we’re lucky enough to know many other insurance people. We all do things a little differently, and fortunately we’re in an industry where we’re all willing and excited to collaborate. I’ve learned more about insurance through the advice and shared knowledge of friends than I ever could from a textbook. This week, I’ve felt especially thankful for the opportunity to learn from others in the business. My favorite lesson of all is that there is more than enough success to go around.