Friday, September 27, 2019

Insure What You Love

Does anyone really like insurance?  I mean, let’s be honest.  Who wants to pay for a loss that hasn’t even happened yet?

So, why do we choose to spend our days consumed by one of the public’s most dreaded industries?

Here’s the thing – it’s not about insurance.  It’s about what you’re insuring.

I’ll give you an example:

Let’s start with an interesting fact about the G5 Insurance Team – we all have horses.  Some of our members competed this past weekend at an equestrian event in Cobleskill, New York.  From the trailers we use to the equipment we fill them with – from the campers we stay in to the horses we ride – these are all assets we need to insure.

Yes, for the financial investments we need to protect.  But as I sat at the horse show surrounded by smiling faces, happy horses, and memories that will last a lifetime, I remember that we are not only protecting the assets.  We are protecting what we love – the memories, the passion, our livelihood, really.

Whether it is an antique car, a vacation home, a piece of farm equipment, a boat, or a business – it’s not about the thing.

That is why we love what we do here at G5.  We partner with you in learning the ins and outs of your assets and how best to protect them, so that you can continue to do what you love.