Monday, February 5, 2024

I Love This Crap!

I had two different people on the phone last week tell me they loved reading these weekly emails each Sunday. I always appreciate the kind words, so thank you again to the nice ladies who said them and to anyone who has ever given me that compliment. I enjoy writing these fun messages. When I do get to talk to you guys on the phone during the work week, it’s about insurance. I hate to break it to you, but insurance is not always the most fun, exciting, or personal topic of conversation. We really value our G5 Family as people, so contacting you once in a blue moon about a bill or an insurance claim really isn’t our style. We’d like to be able to talk to you about the good stuff between your insurance needs, too. Hence these emails.

On Monday morning, there were two messages in my inbox right next to each other. Both were responses to my weekly email. One said “I love these!” The other said “Please stop sending me this crap.” I think I was supposed to be offended by that one, but it is seriously so funny. “Please stop sending me this crap.” I am laughing now just typing it, that is SO funny. I don’t even mean that sarcastically! To some people, this is CRAP. And that is FINE! I will promptly stop sending them this crap!

What I did get out of it, though, is that one person’s crap is the highlight of another person’s week. I won’t stop sending everyone these emails just because one person doesn’t like them. These emails are not that serious, and that person’s response (though direct) is not that serious. It’s just an opinion, and we are all allowed to have them. The great thing is that we can all unsubscribe from the crap that we don’t enjoy. Seriously, there is a button at the bottom of this email. Don’t stop doing your thing just because it isn’t everyone’s thing.