Monday, August 3, 2020

Happy August!

Happy August!  2020 hasn’t been easy on us, but we’ve officially passed the halfway point.  Sending you a high five through the computer for that.  We need to focus on little victories these days!

The yearly changes that come with the end of summer have been amplified this year.

Maybe you have a child leaving for college.  Maybe you have a child moving back home.

Maybe you’re leaving your summer home for your primary in the city, or maybe you’ve decided to make your summer home your primary.

Maybe your parent, who is typically a snowbird, is moving in with you for the winter rather than fleeing to the South again.

Maybe you’ve decided to permanently work from home.

As life changes, so do your insurance needs.  If you’re making an adjustment that could require some tune-ups in your insurance program, please let us know.  A change in your primary location or household members can potentially lower your premium!  We’re here to help and make sure you and your family are properly covered.