Monday, March 27, 2023

Hang It On Your Fridge

We got a new fridge this summer, and at first our goal was to keep the stainless steel clean for the most visually appealing kitchen possible.  It’s a beautiful fridge, and we thought the mix of magnets would look messy.  The shiny newness did make our kitchen look more Pinterest-esque, but it didn’t last.

As birthdays and holidays rolled around, we made exceptions to our rule.  Birthday cards were hung up first, then holiday messages and thank you notes from friends made their way.  Our hodge-podge of magnets and polaroid pictures returned.  Before we knew it, our clean beautiful fridge was a thing of the past.

We go to my fridge about a hundred times a day.  The things we thought were messy are actually tiny physical representations of memories that mean a lot to us.  We get more joy out of a quick look at those memories than we ever would have from a clear fridge.  Looks aren’t everything.  It’ll stay messy, and that’s just fine.