Monday, July 31, 2023

Get Organized

As I’ve always been type A. One look at my house and you’d think I was an expert at organization. It’s true, physical organization is a strength of mine. Having a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment makes me feel mentally clear. Don’t be fooled though, because my color coded work email is another red herring. The truth is hidden in my personal Gmail inbox, iPhone notes, and unaddressed app notifications. That stuff is the worst. It’s not fun, and NO I do NOT want to go through it.

One email from Aeropostale changed it all for me this week. This email was the straw that broke the organizationally avoidant camel’s back. First of all, I haven’t shopped at Aeropostale since probably 2012. Why I’m still subscribed to their email list is beyond me and not only humiliating but frankly inexcusable.  I unsubscribed from about a hundred email lists, and every time a new one comes in, I unsubscribe from that too. Not waking up to a daily email from a Hampton Inn I stayed at in 2019 has been quite refreshing.

While I was at it, I bought a new planner and consolidated my five different to-do lists into one book. I went through my passwords (all of which needed to be reset, shocker) and wrote them down in one note. I deleted my old iPhone notes. I don’t think I’ll miss the grocery list I’ve had saved from last September, but I’ll let you know if that changes. And finally, I reorganized the apps on my phone’s home screen.

I have surprising, groundbreaking, unexpected results to report: I feel like a whole new person! Not only that, but I wish I’d done this sooner! As a friend, I encourage you to unsubscribe from the email. Get yourself a planner. Unfortunately, those annoying girls with the color coded notes in high school were onto something. Take it from me, us average folks can get it together, too!