Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Filing Cabinet Drawers

Committing to writing these weekly messages is good for me.  I like to keep it positive.  It makes me take a look at my week to see what good I can dig out and write about.

This week was bad.  I’ve procrastinated writing this until my last hour of work on a Friday because I am genuinely struggling to find something positive to say.

As I rifle through my mental filing cabinet, I am imagining my life as individual drawers.  In the cabinet, there’s a drawer for work, a drawer for social life, and a drawer for hobbies.  To say that my filing cabinet, or my life as a whole, is all bad would be untrue.

Some drawers are in complete disarray, don’t get me wrong.  Others, though, are in good order.  Compartmentalizing like that allows me to have perspective when weeks are bad.  Not all of my filing cabinet drawers need to be perfect at the same time.  One being messy doesn’t mean the others are useless.  I’ll organize them when I can.  For now, I’ll enjoy the good ones.