Friday, April 26, 2024

February Favorites

Let’s brighten up this dreary February with some things that have been making the winter feel a little easier.

I drive a lot, and Audible has been my go-to entertainment in the car.  I enjoy reading but don’t have much time for it, so audiobooks are a great alternative.  Audible is Amazon’s audiobook app, so you can sign right in with your Prime account.

I’ve always had Netflix and Hulu, but after a while it can seem like you’ve watched everything interesting on your steaming platform.  I got Peacock in the beginning of the year.  It has all of the NBC, USA, and Bravo shows, so it’s a nice change of pace when it comes to TV.

I don’t like shopping in person, so I online shop quite a bit.  I’m getting better at buying from businesses that offer affiliation discounts.  For my farm and ag folks, if you’re an AQHA member or part of the Farm Bureau, you can get a percentage off at some places. I compared my cart at two different stores, one offered the discount and one didn’t, and an identical order cost me about $40 less because of where I chose to buy from.  Not a hot take, but a helpful hint during the winter months!

I told myself I’d start meditating.  I haven’t yet, but I did download Headspace.  Headspace is an app full of guided meditations and other mental health resources.  If you’re a teacher or healthcare professional or have an “edu” email, it’s free!

During the week, I work from home.  I’m also taking some classes that require me to work on the weekends.  Instead of working in my office, I’ve been working at cafes or coffee shops on the weekend.  It makes me look forward to going and getting work done, and a change of scenery is always nice this time of year.

What are you loving right now?  I’d love to hear!