Monday, March 8, 2021

Congrats to our G5 Family on their River Reporter Best of 2020 Awards!

The best part of our job is the people we have the privilege of working with.  Congratulations to the below winners of The River Reporter’s Best of 2020 recognition!  A full list of the winners can be viewed on their website linked here, but we wanted to point out some of the great organizations we have had the honor of insuring here at G5!


Jeffersonville Bake Shop


Amy Miller Early Bird Cookery

Craft Beer Store

Narrowsburg Proper


Dinner Deals

Michaelangelo’s Pizzeria

Fitness Center/Gym

The Chi Hive


Smalls Plumbing and Heating

Law Firm

Law Office of Jared Hart


William H. Chellis

Liquor Store

Narrowsburg Fine Wine


The Laundrette

Plumbing Supply

Schmidt’s Wholesale

Social Media Engagement

Chamber of Commerce

All of the above information is sourced directly from The River Reporter Online.  We thank them for recognizing the above organizations for their hard work throughout the year, and we encourage you to check them out!