Monday, September 20, 2021

Change with the Seasons

While on my daily walk, I stepped on a leaf and heard it crunch.  I’ve chosen to deliberately ignore the (what feels like exceptionally premature) graveyard of leaves along the road and the lack of afternoon heat beating down on me lately.  That crunch represents the inevitable end of summer.

As I continued my walk, a thought loomed over me like the September clouds.  I wish summer could last forever, but I’m thankful that it doesn’t.  We’re creatures of habit who find comfort in predictability.  If it were up to me, would anything in my life change at all?

The unstoppable coming of autumn brings a physical change to my New York surroundings.  Feeling the crisp air, seeing new colors outside my window, and changing the clothes I wear are physical reminders that it’s time to make a change internally as well.  Routines feel safe, but they can easily become ruts.

Autumn always feels like the end of something good.  This year, I choose to see it as a beginning.  What will you do with this opportunity for change?