Monday, January 9, 2023

Can pushing forward slow your momentum?

I set a goal to read more this year. I’ve been trying to get a few pages in each night before bed, and I started my first book of the year feeling motivated and excited. What I didn’t expect was for it to be a paranormal thriller. It’s not exactly the ideal bedtime story, so I can only make it through about ten pages before I have to put it down. Despite the struggle it’s been, I’m hesitant to give up and move onto a new book. What kind of start to the new year is that? To this point, I’ve been determined to power through even if it takes me an extra few weeks (and terrifies me in the process).

I checked the date today and realized how stupid that rationale is. I’ve now wasted the first week of the new year tiptoeing through a book that I don’t even enjoy because I’m afraid that giving up will slow me down. The stubbornness I’m disguising as determination is ultimately delaying my progress. I could’ve finished two books by now if I just cut my losses and moved on. Know when to let go. Pushing through may seem like the only way to make it to your goal, but there are always detours. Stay open minded and flexible.