Friday, December 11, 2020

Brain Bubblegum

It’s seven o’clock on a Thursday, you’ve been working hard all week, and the weekend hasn’t quite arrived.  You need to shut your brain off and transition from go mode to chill mode.  Leaving work at work has always been hard, and working from home amplifies that even more.  So what do you do?

In our discussion with Barry Becker (which can be viewed on our Instagram @g5agency), we spoke about the importance of what we call “brain bubblegum.”  It’s that mindless thing at the end of the day that is easy enough for your tired brain to handle and allows you to relax!  Barry explained that his brain bubblegum is often a James Patterson novel.  After a long day, some light fiction is just what he needs to unwind.  At G5, we all have our own forms of brain bubblegum.  For Alana, its a walk along the Delaware River.  Becca loves puzzles.  Lorraine plays with her Golden Katie and new kitten Graycee.  Claire goes to the horse barn, and Eric takes care of the animals on his farm with the Goldstein Girls.  It could be lighting a candle or watching some TV that brings peace and quiet to your mind.  What’s your brain bubblegum?