Monday, March 6, 2023

Ask for Help!

I’m always hesitant to ask for help.  Everyone is busy, and I don’t want to burden someone whose plate is already full.  But someone gave me an interesting new perspective this week that I’d like to share.

After asking for help, I apologized for adding something to their list of things to do.  They asked me a question in return.

“Do you like helping others?”

I said “of course I do,” and they asked me why.

My answer was, “because I enjoy making others happy.”

They told me to give other people the chance to make me happy because it makes them feel just as good.  Asking for help isn’t a bad thing.  It shows that you trust that person enough to rely on them.  Have you ever stopped to think that maybe other people genuinely want to help you?  Think of it as an opportunity for you both to feel a little happier.