Monday, September 11, 2023

Are you strict about the right things?

I’m stretched a little thin right now, but I’m busy in a good way.  I’m challenging myself in a lot of new areas.  I enjoy the things I’m working on, but the juggling act can be hectic.  I’ve been coping with the stress by working harder.  I thought that if I worked more I’d get ahead and be able to rest.  This meant waking up earlier, staying up later, and filling those newfound hours with more productivity.

Though I’m doing more, I feel like I’m accomplishing less.  My mind is foggy from getting less sleep than usual and never allowing myself to have downtime.  I was being strict with myself in the wrong way.  Moving forward, I’m going to enforce rest.  A hard cutoff each day to differentiate between work time and recoup time is necessary.  No one can run on E!