Monday, May 24, 2021

A Series of Choices

You deserve more credit than you’re giving yourself.  When it feels like you’re doing the bare minimum to skate by, remember that life is a series of choices.

I bet you chose to wake up on time this morning.  You probably chose to let your dog out and feed him.  You most likely went to work every day this week, paid your bills, and did your best to be kind to your family and friends.  I bet you even brought the cart back to its proper location at the grocery store when you were finished with it.  Tipping your waiter, holding the door for the person behind you, and covering your nose when you sneeze are actions that become second nature, but you don’t have to do these things.  You choose to in an effort to be a good human being.

You may not be solving world hunger or finding the secret to universal peace every day, but you’re still doing your best to make the right choices.  Be happy with yourself, be proud of yourself, and remember you’re doing a great job!