Monday, November 14, 2022

A Change in Routine

Routines are meant to be consistent, so changing it up may seem counterproductive.  But when does consistent become boring?

I need to maintain a routine to keep myself feeling structured, but I begin to feel uninspired and burnt out when the routine becomes monotonous.

This week I switched up two quick things.  I keep a “to do” list on my desk, and usually it’s written in a plain notebook.  I got rid of the notebook and used my iPad to keep notes instead.  Suddenly, crossing items off my list was new and exciting.

Dinner was the next area that could use some refreshing.  I fell into a pattern of taco night, pasta night, chicken night, repeat.  Grocery shopping became a fun challenge to see what new dinners I could come up with.

It isn’t always glamorous.  The reality is that we all need to get through our daily routines to survive.  How can we make them fun?