Friday, April 26, 2024

Go Forward, or Fold

Progress isn’t linear.  The path toward a goal is made up of exciting peaks, seemingly endless plateaus, and inevitable valleys.  You can make peace with this before starting your journey, but those valleys can feel like desolate death traps when you’re in the thick of it.  Especially after the trek up to the peak.

When you’ve fallen into a valley, it can be hard to pull yourself back up.  You’re stuck under layers of complicated feelings, and trying to sift through the frustration and disappointment can feel like a daunting or nearly impossible task.

You’re looking up at a new mountain.  As complex as it feels, this situation can be broken down into one simple decision.  Will you go forward, or will you fold?

If you decide to go forward, you don’t need to have it all figured out.  You just have to keep moving, chin up and pride aside.

Or, you can look around and decide if you like what you see.  Valleys are usually pretty, filled with nice green grass and flowers from all the rain.  Surrounded by mountains that you may never see past, but pretty nonetheless.  Maybe this valley is enough for you.  Maybe your journey is done, and you’ve seen what you needed to see.

Or, maybe the tenacious and gritty voice in your head will tell you to keep going.  Odds are, if you’re an avid reader of these weekly messages, you’re not the folding type.  So just go forward, as crazy as it may seem.