Monday, December 18, 2023

Social Media is Fake

‘Tis the season for holiday cards, parties, endless ads, and seemingly perfect social media posts.

It’s inevitable:

You’re going to get that holiday card in the mail of Super Mom and her flawlessly clean children who somehow sit still while her husband holds the Goldendoodle.

Your social media feeds are going to be flooded with dozens of photos of ten foot tall trees, perfectly decorated and standing over presents and presents and more presents.

People will be posting their “New Year, New Me” gym pics, and you’ll have to scroll past them.  BUT,  before you allow yourself to feel guilty about sitting on your couch with a cookie and watching the same episode of The Office you’ve seen a million times, relax.

Just yesterday, I posted a picture of my tree and cropped out the living room floor I haven’t vacuumed in embarrassingly long because I’ve had the flu.  Social media captures our best moments, or it captures our worst moments and edits them into something that looks grand.  It’s fake.

Comparing yourself to people who appear perfect on social media is pointless.  Who cares if you can’t live up to their perfect image?  They can’t even do that!  Focus on what’s really important this season.  That rerun of The Office isn’t going to watch itself.