Tuesday, February 21, 2023

My best thoughts come to me when I’m in the car. It’s quiet, and my mind has time to wander while I get to where I’m going.

Driving home the other night, I was pondering “Lucky Girl Syndrome” that’s been all over TikTok. The phenomenon states that if you’re delusional enough to really believe that you’re lucky, you will be. If you say “everything always works out for me,” everything will work out.

Basically, us Gen Z folks have coined a modern term for manifestation. I’ve always had a weird feeling about manifestation. If I only put good into the world with the intention of getting good back, isn’t that self serving and fake? There’s no way to be sure, but something tells me Karma doesn’t reward the self serving or the fake.

You receive what you give, I understand that much. In my head, I always pictured Karma as a middleman giving out good to the good people and bad to the bad people. But what if there’s no middleman at all?

My grandpa always says “you take yourself with you where ever you go.” You create the environment you live in. Would you want to live with a negative Nancy? Of course not. Wanting to be surrounded by good is not self serving or fake, it’s practical and obvious. Do good not with the intention of getting something in return, but with the intention of creating a positive space that you get to live in. If you do good and you are good, you’ll have good because you’ve created an environment of good. If you were able to follow that sentence, kudos. In other words, if you’re seeking good, create it. Don’t wait for some omniscient middleman to pass it out to you.