Monday, April 26, 2021

Who’s On Your Team?

Who is on your team?  I’m not just talking about a sports team.  I’m talking about your family, your colleagues at work, or whatever group you belong to whose members work together toward a common goal.

If you’re not a sports person, “zone defense” if a term commonly used in basketball.  Rather than guarding one specific opponent, each player is responsible for defending a “zone” on the court.  Naturally, there will be some overlap between “zones.”  Simply put, it’s a more collaborative approach to achieving a common goal: defending your basket.

The G5 team uses this term often, and there are many platitudes that explain the idea I’m referring to.

“It takes a village.”  “You’re only as good as your weakest link.”  “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”  “Teamwork makes the dream work.”  All trite but true!

However you want to put it, the point is the same: who you surround yourself with matters.  I can tell you from experience, a team is strongest when they can play zone defense.  It’s what makes G5 work, and I’m thankful for my team every day!

Who is on your team?  Can you rely on them to play zone defense?  Are they there to pick up some slack when you need help, and are you there to chip in when they need it?  We all have our strong suits and weaknesses, and we need each other to make it work.  Don’t forget to thank your team!