Monday, January 11, 2021

How are you holding up?

The beginning of a new year is inspiring.  There’s a certain sparkle in our eyes as we start fresh, setting lofty goals to achieve positive attitudes, perfect health, and monetary fortune.  It’s been a week, and those green smoothies aren’t tasting so good any more, your muscles are sore from that new gym membership, and nothing would feel better than to string some curse words together and complain about that hard day at work, though it contradicts your promise to “stay positive” in 2021.

Goals sound good on paper, but they aren’t so fun when you’re in the thick of things.  You won’t achieve them all in a week, and instant gratification is out of the picture.  Hang in there, because what is really fun is looking back in a year and realizing that you stuck to it and crushed those goals.  Let’s continue to make small choices every day that bring us closer to our 2021 resolutions.