Monday, January 13, 2020

Automation vs. Humanization

Time is money.  Everyone is busy.  A saved moment now will be utilized and much appreciated later.

At G5, every moment is spent capitalizing on efficiency.  How can we achieve the most enjoyable insurance process for our clients?

Above all, we value the relationships with our insureds.  Modern technological advancements seem to take the human element out of everything – self-driving cars, ordering takeout through a phone app, relying on the internet for nearly every required service.  We’re living in the age of instant gratification, and we’re up to the challenge.

Marrying automation, the greatest possible ease of doing business, and humanization, the personal relationships we value, is the name of G5’s game.  How do we achieve the balance?  By fully understanding the risk we are insuring.

Insurance is extremely personal.  Whether it’s your home, your car, your business, your horse, or your farm, we are talking about your livelihood!  A five or ten minute conversation may be all it takes to bring us up to speed.  This understanding allows us to become an extension of you.  From the inception of your policy, we are a team.  Together, we’ll make your custom insurance program painless, efficient, and tailored to you.